Are You an Offender?

Writing a resume can be stressful, we all know, but to find out the words you feel “best describe you,” are being overused, well break out the swear jar! Pull out that thesaurus! It’s time to be creative and find a way to express your way of problem-solving as innovative and something for the recruiters to really want. It’s time to strategize how you’re going to make your resume truly pop! while omitting these words. When I heard the list I was kind of surprised, myself never have used them in my resumes. Pat on the back, Me.

  1. Motivated. Well, of course you’re motivated, you hit the send button with your resume attached!
  2. Creative. Creativity can be shown if you get your call back for production, advertising, music etc; don’t write creative on your resume.
  3. Enthusiastic. I’m sure you’re enthused to be in the drawing for said position, but will it last?
  4. Track Record. So you haven’t gotten fired in a while, good for you.
  5. Passionate. See number 3.
  6. Successful. So successful you’re looking for another job, or too successful you’re looking for another job?
  7. Driven. See number 1.
  8. Leadership. Well, we all would love to say we have “Great leadership qualities,” or “Excel in leadership roles,” but that is yet to be seen. The recruiters will ask your references about that – if applicable – if you get that far.
  9. Strategic. Are you maniacal? Is this some fancy word for saying you have a brain that works?
  10. Extensive Experience. See number 4.

Thank you to LinkedIn for coming up with this list for the lot of us that want to keep a polished resume on hand – you never know what opportunity is around the corner!

Props to Chris Matyszczyk & LinkedIn


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