End-Less Possibilities

Alright, I did warn y’all – there would be some venting; knowledgeable venting.

I make cold-calls to set up website design appointments about 20-24 hours a week for areas that know our company by name; we’re not like the pesky telemarketers that call you and you damn near curse them out because you were hoping it was the Publisher’s Clearing House notifying you won $10,000. I’m part of a family business – it’s small, local, and part of the community, yet people still react with such rancor. That is, if they answer their phone.

I was so excited one day last week. I found a company that I wanted. I wanted to tell them everything I know about advertising and their industry and how their industry cannot be without advertising, and how it could make them go from zero to hero. I mean, I was truly elated! I wanted to tell them, “Yes, you should really have a website, but with your store we could set you up with this, that, and the other to really A) roll in the stacks, and B) precisely track the return on investment.” A lot of times new businesses forget that part – and it seems a lot have forgotten how to answer the phone too. How does one run a business without answering the phone?

Why is this named “End-Less Possibilities”? Well, when I was gushing about this company and how much potential it had, those words literally came out of my mouth. “The possibilities are endless!” And what happened when I called them with all my excitement to help this shop? No answer. So to all of my lovable local business owners, I ask as a devout #ShopLocal supporter, answer the phone, care about your business and your consumers, and put an End to Less Possibilities.


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