Claim your domain

Happy Hump day to you all!

Yes, claim your domain. This time I’m not talking about websites, or advertising, but I am talking about Small Businesses; that’s kind of my thing. I love to shop local and support the community and have already boycotted Wal-Mart for nearly a year now, (it’s a lot harder than you think). We’ve all heard my stance on websites and my¬†utter disbelief that local businesses don’t have one, but get this: some of these small business owners tell me they don’t even have an email address! Like, “I’m sorry, come again?”
When I say “claim your domain,” this time I’m talking about the plethora of 100% free and easy-to-set-up email domains to choose from. There’s gmail, ymail, yahoo, aol, centurylink, ones I’ve never heard of before – the list goes on and on. I mean seriously guys, get with the program! It’s 2016!



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