Let Your Creativity Shine Through

Please for the LOVE OF GOD if your business depends on it, don’t build your own website unless you have a freakin’ degree in building websites! You like glitter and pink and blue and green and black and for some reason, after hours of building it through a freebie website builder, the site you spent hours on looks like your computer screen threw up. Yeah, that’s right, I just called your hours of hard work visual vomit. Because you had absolutely no business doing what you did. There’s a reason why you’re an HVAC contractor or a boutique owner or own a food truck, because you are not a Website Designer – it’s as simple as that.

You started your own business and that is an amazing feat in and of itself. I know it must be hard to let someone else take the reigns over an aspect of your business, but this is where you need to sit back and let someone else do it. Remember, you still get to tell them what you do and do not like. You still get to tell them which layout you like. You still get to tell them the colors you like. You still get to put your signature on it. It is your website; you’re just having someone else build it for you. In instructing these Web Designers & Developers, you really can let your creativity shine through… efficiently.


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