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It’s been a while since my last post – sorry bout that. Today I want to bring up the importance of citations. No, not the type you get speeding through a construction zone, because let’s not get those! The citations I want to talk about are online listings. When I’m speaking to a (potential) client, I always make sure to let them know, the more places you are the better. This is a half truth. Yes, the more places you are listed, and found by Google or Bing or Yahoo! the better, but you also want to make sure they are legit resources and verified citations. One of the most trusted sources Google will pick up your company is a gov’t or state agency’s listing(s), e.g. chamber of commerce site or city/county business index; it’s hard to “fake” being a member of a chamber of commerce.

Citations from well-established portals increase the degree of certainty search engines have about your business’s contact information and categorization. For instance, an online directory (online phone book) would be more “trusted” than Yelp since Yelp takes suggestions from the public; you’d be surprised how many businesses are “Closed” on Yelp that aren’t really closed – possibly the backlash of a really angry ex-employee or customer. Back to the potential clients – y’all already know my stance on the necessity of having a website (and I’m sure you share that view to some degree), I like to make sure they know about the importance of optimization which not only claims the citations that can be claimed, but corrects any conflicting information, I then offer them a spot on the local search engine/online directory hybrid site. Since it’s a local source, this helps to validate that the business is part of the community. Citations like this can dramatically improve your ranking.

In order to accomplish your business goals, your business must be found in every corner of the internet that Google and Bing and Yahoo! sends their robots. That information also must be correct. Ask your LOCAL specialist about optimization and the importance of citations, as I could go on, but this would turn into a novel. Once all your information is correct, then yes 100% the more places you are, the better. Gain a little notoriety for yourself – you’ve earned it.

Information pulled from Moz, 2016



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