Are You an Offender?

Writing a resume can be stressful, we all know, but to find out the words you feel “best describe you,” are being overused, well break out the swear jar! Pull out that thesaurus! It’s time to be creative and find a way to express your way of problem-solving as innovative and something for the recruiters to really want. It’s time to strategize how you’re going to make your resume truly pop! while omitting these words. When I heard the list I was kind of surprised, myself never have used them in my resumes. Pat on the back, Me.

  1. Motivated. Well, of course you’re motivated, you hit the send button with your resume attached!
  2. Creative. Creativity can be shown if you get your call back for production, advertising, music etc; don’t write creative on your resume.
  3. Enthusiastic. I’m sure you’re enthused to be in the drawing for said position, but will it last?
  4. Track Record. So you haven’t gotten fired in a while, good for you.
  5. Passionate. See number 3.
  6. Successful. So successful you’re looking for another job, or too successful you’re looking for another job?
  7. Driven. See number 1.
  8. Leadership. Well, we all would love to say we have “Great leadership qualities,” or “Excel in leadership roles,” but that is yet to be seen. The recruiters will ask your references about that – if applicable – if you get that far.
  9. Strategic. Are you maniacal? Is this some fancy word for saying you have a brain that works?
  10. Extensive Experience. See number 4.

Thank you to LinkedIn for coming up with this list for the lot of us that want to keep a polished resume on hand – you never know what opportunity is around the corner!

Props to Chris Matyszczyk & LinkedIn


Start-up’s: Put up or Shut …down

In a world where so many people dream of being their own boss, it’s not as easy as just having the idea and the commercial space anymore. With the corporate world and big box stores overtaking the small business world, the entrepreneur needs to have an air-tight business plan; and that plan must include “How am I going to generate business?” One can’t just expect to put a shiny red ribbon on the door and think customers will come in upon passing. How will you advertise your business? Yes, I asked you how you are going to advertise. In order to thrive in today’s market, you must reach your entire targeted consumers – by advertising – and then some. And please, for the love of BBQ, don’t forget a good website! No excuses! Don’t think you don’t need one, because you do. People like looking at pretty pictures, and if you don’t have any for them, you don’t have their business*. Millenials have now outgrown Baby Boomers as the largest age group; guess who uses the internet the most? Yep, those Millenials. And businesses need to appeal to everyone.

So what have we learned so far? We can no longer rely on word-of-mouth references, even in a close-knit community, to build up business. We have to get our name out there through using the resources available to us. Free advice here: if you’re a small business/just getting started, don’t go to some corporate agency that only sees you as a number on their screen; small businesses should do business with other small businesses – they share a common interest and have been built on the same core trade values. That part should be common sense. There are plenty of successful methods of advertising, with tried and true ways of tracing the return on investment. Any specialist will help you figure out which method is best for your industry, whether you’re opening a taco stand or an HVAC co; two-step advertising, mobile ads, texting programs, print ads, and in case you forget to keep up with asking “How’d you hear about us?” tracking numbers are a great way to know if you’re advertising was well-placed.

You very well may have the best tacos in the state, but nobody’s going to know that if you don’t put yourself out there. So, get your business plan in place, call your LOCAL marketing & advertising agency, and get you on your way to turning the one taco stand in Fayetteville, NC into 50 taco stands throughout NC, VA, and SC. Can’t do that without advertising – and that’s some real world truth.

*according to market study by, 2016

Welcome to me

Welcome all! I wanted to start this up b/c I’ve been in the advertising world for a little over six years now and it just blows my mind to firsthand see how many business owners don’t advertise, have a functional website, or even answer their damn phone! I want to use this space to express the importance of not only advertising but the little shit EVERYONE should do to behave as a functioning citizen of society. This will be more based on the marketing and advertising world and the strategies you can use to obtain your goals, but there may be a blog here and there that can help you.